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what does AAA mean, what are some non AAA games??

#21-GLICE-Posted 1/22/2014 3:22:20 PM
AAA means it is for sheople.
#22singhellotakuPosted 1/22/2014 4:42:20 PM
rahmed51387 posted...
Cost a lot to make the game as well as market. These are the games that most likely will get the most advertising and exposure in addition to the amount spent on developing the game itself.

Most of the common titles will usually carry this distinction. These will usually be the games that have TV adverts or be "heavily anticipated", and can usually stem from being the most popular of the current games that are circling around.

I can claim without a doubt that a good majority of my titles that I own on PS3 are definitely not AAA.

a very good example, I think an ad budget at all, especially tv ads is a key component
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#23singhellotakuPosted 1/22/2014 4:51:55 PM
BurgerTime79 posted...
It means nothing official.
People place the "AAA" label on titles that generally get favorable reviews and are well acknowledged as being good. It's not an official term. You could probably say it means "quality", but of course the trolls are going to come out of the woodwork to make up their own BS descriptions.

like that one? I see nearly every other post in this topic agreeing on it being budgetary except you
Humanity as a whole gets dumber every time you write sonypony nintendrone or xbot
#24ReportMeTyreePosted 1/24/2014 12:27:59 PM
Budget and ratings/the developer

for example just about everything Rockstar and Ubisoft put out will probably be AAA games while small developers like some of the indies won't ever see those labels on their game lol.
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