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The House of The Dead Overkill Extended Cut is only $5 on psn

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User Info: Gunvalkyrie2

3 years ago#11
Dead Space extraction is AWFUL with the controller -- is this better?

and is there a demo?
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User Info: ZatchBell

3 years ago#12
I dont think theres a demo but this is just a better game then dead space. The house of the dead series as a whole is pretty much the best light gun series in video gaming period.
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User Info: shawnmck

3 years ago#13
There is the light gun game called, the Shoot...and was published by Sony...but I personally thought it was terrible. It's like you are shooting paper targets the whole way through. It got rather annoying.
Plus there are the ones for Resident Evil...Umbrella chronicles & Darkside chronicles, I think..?
I've never played them, but like House of the Dead Overkill, they are light-gun games that were made for the Wii and then ported over to the PS3. Though they may be down-load only..?
HotD Overkill is the only light-gun game I currently own.

And to the poster that claimed that the move control was off...
I never had any problems with mine, so maybe it was a problem with your controller or camera device..or maybe you had the camera positioned poorly...?

User Info: DAP1MP13

3 years ago#14
How long is the game on the first play-through?

Is it really worth $5?
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User Info: ZatchBell

3 years ago#15
considering it costs me more then that just to have a small lunch at wendys yes i'd say its worth it.
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User Info: wigsplasher

3 years ago#16
This game is worth more than an artery-clogging meal at Wendy's for sure! Save your waistline -- buy this game.
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User Info: captainjeff87

3 years ago#17
I think there are a few trophies that require movie or lightgun. One I specifically remember is having to hold the lightgun or move sideways and kill enemies that way. Don't know if you can do it with sixaxis.

Still well worth the $5 though. Think I bought it at $20 and it's awesome. Reminds me of the old-school 80's horror b-movies.
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User Info: zombiehunting84

3 years ago#18
ZatchBell posted...
Its worth the money i played it back on the wii and thought it was a fun on rails game

Holy crap thanks for this topic. Been wanting to DL this for a while but didnt really have an extra $20 to put out for it. At $5, i just downloaded it. Love the HotD games. I wish we could get HotD 2 on the ps3.
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