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M Rated Games that arent really M Rated Material

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2 years ago#1
I been playing some older games such as KOA-Reckoning which I finished at Level 29 with about 200,00 + in Gold, I was just asking myself why is KOA rated M for except for the Excessive Violence other than that there really isn't anything M Material to give KOA an M Rating it should have been Rated T.

There is no Sex, there is no Language or other Suggestive Things to make KOA an M Rated Game.

Also I was wondering does Alyn Shir show up in the DLC Episodes or is that All of Alyn Shir after End Game with Tinoch it is the Last we will ever See of her. I assume they was going to use her in a Future Sequel to KOA but since KOA is now in Limbo dosent look like KOA 2 will ever happen.

Now another game that is also M Rated that dosent need to be is Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen I am currently playing it on my PS3 being about a LVL 20 Strider being only a Couple of Hours Into it I think I am doing pretty good.

You are probably asking how I am at a Such as High LVL being so early in, Easy I am an RPG/JRPG Expert I know how to LVL & Save or Get Gold quickly Mainly you do Side Missions before you do the main Story Line similar towards KOA I did Sidemissions to LVL Up hence the reason I was LVL 29 at the end of the game however I haven't installed the DLC to KOA.

While I was playing Dragon's Dogma I was asking myself why is this game Rated M, when all it has is Excessive Violence also I read on the Rating it says Partial Nudity or Suggestive Themes. I haven't seen 1 Scene of Nudity & Nothing with Suggestive Themes. Other than Melissa being a Slut other than that Nothing.

But then again I assume I haven't got to the juicy parts into Dark Arisen so I may haven't got to that yet. I am currently Busy LVLing up, Doing my Skills, Getting my Weapons, Armors, Items to the point where I am ready to do Main Story. I am also doing Side Missions.

Just wondering why some games are M Rated when there is Nothing M Rated in them.

I am not being a Prude or anything I love Sex & Violence in my games that is what makes them Awesome such as DMC to Dragon Age or Mass Effect just wondering why other games that are M Rated shouldn't be M Rated should be T instead.
2 years ago#2
The ESRB likes to think of the children
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2 years ago#3
ViciousXl2 posted...
The ESRB likes to think of the children
2 years ago#4
Yes I know the ESRB but why Put Deals on a Case when that Stuff isn't in the ACTUAL GAME such as KOA such as Dragon's Dogma DA there is NO PARTIAL NUDITY
2 years ago#5
From what I have played of Kingdoms of Amalur blood sprays when you attack enemies and the blood also stains the ground. That's enough to warrant an M rating and is also why Halo gets an M rating. Blood staining walls and floors is a little much for a game to keep a TEEN rating.

From what I remember of Dragons Dogma it has the same type of details as Amalur.
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2 years ago#6
Isn't there some bum and side boob?
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2 years ago#7
I do agree, there are some action RPGs that don't seem like they should be rated M. There are some T rated games that get quite bloody.
2 years ago#8
Oblivion is the first that comes to mind. I think I remember reading that it was because of the DB stuff, but really, it is quite mild compared to other M rated games. Even on the violence, I don't remember it having the decapitation or dismemberment I saw in Skyrim or the Fallout games.
2 years ago#9
Demon's Souls and Dark Souls
2 years ago#10
SixStringHero posted...
and is also why Halo gets an M rating. Blood staining walls and floors is a little much for a game to keep a TEEN rating.

Ah so THAT explains it. Was going to come in here and respond to the topic with Halo because other than what you're telling me here, SixStringHero, I can't think of many reasons at all Halo should be rated M. Hell I don't even think they really cuss/curse in the games! And no alcohol or drug themes are used in the universe. NP- PWAA:DD, Bioshock Infinite
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