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Any good RPGs on psn?

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2 years ago#1
Just get stick of truth and now want to play a good long RPG. Is there any good on psn I can download an play? Thinking mate a tales game but I don't know where to start, any advice?
2 years ago#2
I just bought Persona 3 Fes and it's only 10/$10 and what i've read/heard that it's a GREAT title with alot of gameplay into it. & I find it very funny too >.>
2 years ago#3
You can't go wrong with either Tales of Xillia or Persona 3 :)
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2 years ago#4
In persona 3 how does the school thing work? Is the story good? What is the combat similar to?
2 years ago#5
Namesadam, combat is turn based so just like FFX. I love the cutscenes, feels like an anime and i'm at the beginning of the game but it looks like the story is actually very good.
2 years ago#6
Looks like I missed the xillia sale, is the new one good or good for a first time tales player?
2 years ago#7
I'll chime in for Persona 3 FES. It starts slow. But the flow goes on a daily basis after the start up.

Mornings you go to school, after school you are free to hang out in town with classmates or make new friends outside of school. Evenings you return to your dorm and either...

A) You can group up with your dorm mates and return to school to explore a tower dungeon that appears in the lost 13th hour of the day (@ midnight)
B) Go back out and explore night life.
C) Study or go to bed to energize yourself for the next day/midnight hour.
2 years ago#8
Is most of the story in school or the tower?
2 years ago#9
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2 years ago#10
Majority in the evening, most midnight hour events happen on a full moon (once a month).
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