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How many of you, like me, like games TOO much? I mean I love most games.

#41GawdDawgsPosted 3/21/2014 5:30:29 PM
I think everyone here loves games. We wouldn't be posting here if we didn't.

That being said, and I can only speak from my own perspective, a lot of the cynicism comes from a lot of the more blatant shady practices of the industry. In this generation, we were introduced to various forms of price gouging in the forms of DLC (both good and bad), microtransactions, and pre-order/store bonus's, among other things. There's also the controversy with what they did with Killer Instinct and MGS Ground Zeroes, as well as DRM practices. It just gives off this anti-consumer feeling.

Negativity also just boils down to the internet. People hate on crap because it's fun. There's no middle ground. If it's subpar, it's "horrible!" here. People love to exaggerate, sadly.
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#42KojaxFXPosted 3/24/2014 11:08:14 AM
I like games they are fun. I have games that I really enjoy and want to play again. There are games that I just want to play once and enjoyed but don't have a desire to play it again. I don't really hate any game. Maybe like Sport based games like Madden or Fifa, but I Just don't buy them because I know I don't like them. I think it is cool they exist but yeah..
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