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Final Fantasy X is my first main FF game, and 15 mins in I love it

#31Pharsti01Posted 3/26/2014 5:54:29 AM
Terry-bogard posted...
A shame you started the series with the best entry...

Fixed that for you, and its a shame, because now everything else with the FF name will be disappointing.
#32ToadWarriorPosted 3/26/2014 6:03:15 AM(edited)
I made a topc about this on the FFx board a couple days ago. I never really cared for it when It was new, I mean there were always things I liked (Summons, Music, Battle System) but I kinda had a preconceived hate for alot of stuff.

Playing it now I am appreciating it way more. Especially the pre-rendered backgrounds, I remember everyone saying the game had amazing graphics when it was new and kinda brushing it off, but yeah it looks gorgeous with the new coat of paint.

It seems to kinda just hook you immediately, so I can understand why I beat it back in the day despite the fact that looking back on it I really didn't give it a fair chance.

It still has a garbage final boss theme though.... -_- And I do personally agree with the guys who said that the encounter rate gets kinda annoying Especially towards the end of the game, inside of Sin I remember the enemy encounters with Adamantoises and Behemoths taking as long to kill as legitimate bosses. But it's definitely not the worst RPG in this regard. (FF9's world map in certain parts of the game.)

As far as "best entry", I'm not gonna get into it because everyone on this board is so wildly opinionated and angry about FF for some reason, but the series is generally amazing so good luck with whichever ones you choose to play.
#33SakurafanboyPosted 3/26/2014 6:44:30 AM
Terry-bogard posted...
A shame you started the serie with the worst entry...

He said Final Fantasy X, not Final Fantasy VIII.
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