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Which Final Fantasy has the weakest main battle theme?

#61izza20Posted 3/26/2014 1:54:26 AM
None of them are really BAD, but I found X-2's a little basic. It's not like you really notice it in battle, but it doesn't have a lot going on and is probably that only one that isn't, on some level, interesting to listen to outside of the game.
#62Mad_CauliflowerPosted 3/26/2014 2:26:18 AM
Pop_Secret posted...
Again, XIII, sorry but I have to bring up once again how horrid the music is, including the battle theme. Does not sound anything like Final Fantasy should sound like, and the song just doesn't sound good at all.

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#63GazelMinistryPosted 3/26/2014 3:37:56 PM
Final Fantasy X, as much as the soundtrack is fantastic.
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