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Do you have games you bought that you never downloaded?

#1knightoffire55Posted 5/4/2014 7:13:57 PM
Do you have games you bought that you never downloaded? - Results (57 votes)
45.61% (26 votes)
54.39% (31 votes)
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#2RyuVegasPosted 5/4/2014 7:17:22 PM
Yes, but that is only because I only have a current stock 320GB HDD in my PS3. Most are PS+ free games I didn't want to clog up my HDD with(but I get EVERY PS+ game because why not? I'm rather behind on gaming and not current at all so it works well for me) and I have games I may have downloaded, played a little of some games, then deleted them for space for new games. It's always a cycle for me. I need to save up for a 1TB HDD.
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#3NejiHyuga900Posted 5/4/2014 9:07:26 PM
For most free PS+ games, yes.
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#4BeknessPosted 5/4/2014 9:16:59 PM
I've never bought a game off PSN, so no.
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#5digressivePosted 5/4/2014 9:42:49 PM
Not on PS3. On Steam, however, I own way more games than I have ever downloaded.
#6Lord_Ka1nPosted 5/4/2014 9:58:08 PM
No, I only buy things that I want. I do just go buying games because they were on sale.
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#7Garage_ManPosted 5/4/2014 10:00:37 PM
On my ps3 I download everything. On steam...I must have 50 games I've never touched. There is a reason though, I'm just not in a rush to play arma 2 you see lol
#8Orcinus_ToothPosted 5/5/2014 12:26:03 AM
I had them only when my PS3 was broken, but I download them when I fixed it..
#9este914Posted 5/5/2014 6:59:18 AM
Bekness posted...
I've never bought a game off PSN, so no.

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#10RayderPosted 5/5/2014 9:35:28 AM
Games that I actually payed for always get DL'd immediately upon purchase.

PS+ freebies, not so much. I always "purchase" them all, but only actually DL and install the good ones.
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