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Games that are so bad they made you snap the disc in half.

#111COKEORPEPSI50Posted 5/9/2014 11:53:00 AM
Hyperbole seems to always get out of control in topics of this nature. People list triple A titles and refer to them as garbage.
When I think of garbage games, I think of games like Superman 64 and Big Rigs.
#112Zblueshell14Posted 5/9/2014 11:55:12 AM
No, because I don't overreact to a video game.
GameFAQs where it's cool to belittle others and overreact.
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#113Mr_Big_BossPosted 5/9/2014 12:04:53 PM
Mad_Cauliflower posted...
Don't think I've ever physically broken a single game in my life.... odd

That's not odd, that's normal.
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#114Godly_GoofPosted 5/9/2014 12:08:22 PM
Does my pirated version of Farcry Instincts count?

First burn didn't take well so I broke it for a laugh. Second one was fine though :P
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#115Bleu_SkiePosted 5/9/2014 11:43:31 PM
Games are worth money but time is worth more, so when a game wastes my time *takes off sunglasses* I waste it back.
I saw an anime once. Amazeballs was said...true story.
#116kriztoferPosted 5/10/2014 8:21:02 AM
0. Games don't cause me emotional outbursts.
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#117GunsSlashRosesPosted 5/10/2014 8:41:45 AM
One and one only. Fight Night Round 3. A group of friends and myself were having a tourney and this one friend always used Ali and just jabbed his way to victory. Three times in a row. I just stood up, took the game out of the xbox, left his house (it was my game and I lived next door), snapped the disc in half and tossed it in the bin.

I was a very angry teenager and looking back I find my behaviour embarrassing and I'm ashamed that I reacted like that. I still hate Ali though....
#118angry_cowtipperPosted 5/10/2014 1:08:09 PM
Scared_to_Death posted...
arstos posted...
Only 1, resident evil 4.


People snapping the only good Resident Evil game perplexes me.
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