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How do some people not have certain trophies?

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2 years ago#1
I was looking at the PSN mobile app and it looks there are people out there who don't have trophies for just starting the game.

How is that possible?
I didn't hear your question but the answer is DmC.
2 years ago#2
because they have started them yet duh

edit: or maybe the trophy glitched or something
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2 years ago#3
Perhaps they got stuck at the title screen.
2 years ago#4
Uhm, why would you care?
2 years ago#5
They may be using a modded save that someone made where they already got through the first section? But, I also don't know why you care about that, other than curiosity.

Either that or the trophy interface in the game got screwed up. I played through most of Tom Clancy's Hawx on 360 -- yeah, it sucked --- but it didn't register the acheivements for 3 missions in the middle.
2 years ago#6
I'm missing some early trophies in NFS MW because I played the 1-hour trial, then played a different version of the game. The trophies show up on my system, but not to other users. Dumb design.
2 years ago#7
I have a bunch of 0% games. Didn't pay for DCUO, so no Trophies from that. Deleted Capcom Arcade something or other when I found out that you have to buy each individual game, so no Trophies from that. Tried Dragon Age and found it wasn't for me, and quit before earning any Trophies.

And besides, if the players themselves don't give a **** about their own Trophies, why the hell do YOU?
2 years ago#8
Popping in games to get the needed updates and then shelving them in your backlog.
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2 years ago#9
I honestly could care less about trophies other than completing the story in a game. That's about it. I've seen people go literally insane trying to get platinum trophies that are just ridiculous. What do they get out of that? No one really cares what trophies you have unless you are competing with someone else. I look up trophies on my friends to see if they liked a certain game as much as I did, and if they completed it. That way I can talk to them about it without spoiling it, or ask them for pointers on stuff they finished that I didn't.
2 years ago#10
Several times I have missed the easiest one time only trophies because my internet blinked out
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