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Name a series that has never had a good game.

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1 year ago#11
This topic is gonna go places
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1 year ago#12
Stupid weaboos are stupid
1 year ago#13
Those hunting games
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1 year ago#14
KittyMreowMrow posted...
Call of Duty

Knew that was coming. Call of Duty 2 was amazing, so there goes that.
1 year ago#15
An unexpected creeper came in and destroyed everything while you were trying to do something?
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1 year ago#16
jchill1 posted...

1's gameplay was horrible. The story was decent but nothing special, people liked it because of how screwed up it was. 2's gameplay isn't as bad, but still awful. Story and characters are worse. 3 is bad too, story is mediocre, characters is bad, gameplay is mediocre. The only redeeming quality is the soundtrack.
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1 year ago#17
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1 year ago#18
Elder Scrolls
Assassin's Creed
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1 year ago#19
KittyMreowMrow posted...
themegaman7 posted...

Final Fantasy 13 series


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1 year ago#20
Well I never liked any Mortal Kombat games, so there is one.
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