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Why do people hate Ninja Theory

#71hindd92Posted 7/17/2014 4:15:16 PM
As a fan of Devil May Cry 1, 3 and 4, what bothered me about this "DmC" game from the start wasn't ONLY the hair, it was the whole choice of rebooting the franchise; so yes, Capcom is mostly the one to blame. So, the question I mostly ask is: why reboot it? Though Devil May Cry 4 didn't sell the same as Devil May Cry 3, it still sold well, even entering in the "Greatest Hits" line of PS3 games.

I honestly don't think it needed a reboot; DMC4 served as an introduction to Nero, which, in my opinion, was a good character. If I remember correctly, their plan was to make DMC5 focusing even more on him, giving more character development.

And about the "wig scene" from the reboot; it was a VERY rude way to treat the fan base of the original franchise, VERY rude. It's basically Ninja Theory (or that Tameem Antoniades guy) saying: "Oh, you don't like our reboot? F*** you then".
#72OracleGunnerPosted 7/17/2014 5:17:31 PM
I think the real question is: Why do people answer any topic made by MyWifeBeatsMe?
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