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Your easiest and hardest trophy

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2 years ago#21
Easiest would be anything plot-related

Hardest (skill-wise) was probably getting all S ranks in Revengeance, though it really wasn't that bad. Also, the pachinko trophy in Yakuza 4 would've been impossible but I used the cheat items you find in the game to get an auto-jackpot. I would've never got that trophy legit, I still haven't even figured out what pachinko actually is.
2 years ago#22
Easiest: There are plenty just for starting the game or doing the tutorial or whatever, but Sly 1 gives it to you the second the game boots up, so I think that takes the cake.

Hardest: Hmm...looking through my platinumed games at the moment. Beating all the death levels in Sound Shapes was pretty hard I guess, and stuff like Crushing on all the Uncharted games. There are probably a bunch I'm forgetting, especially from games like Wipeout HD
2 years ago#23
Easiest: ps home trophies

Hardest: uncharted 3 on crushing
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2 years ago#24
Brunozayn posted...
Easiest: ps home trophies

Hardest: uncharted 3 on crushing

Uncharted on Crushing difficulty was a kick in the dick for me. I'm almost frightened by two and three.
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2 years ago#25
The Sly Cooper collection. The first game has one for watching the Sucker Punch logo.
2 years ago#26
You tell me
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2 years ago#27
Mile high club. Cod4
Any of the achievements in the walking dead.
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2 years ago#28
Easiest: idk one of the ones where you get a trophy for beating a tutorial or something dumb
Hardest: probably beating all of MGS2's VR missions
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2 years ago#29
Easiest: Starting to play Sly Cooper.
Hardest: Demon's Souls Platinum.
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2 years ago#30
the rogue legacy remix bosses :(....

at least i get multiple free tries.
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