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So about the outstanding BINARY DOMAIN [SPOILERS]

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2 years ago#1
Are there actually MULTIPLE endings?

I got a total kickass ending, but I wonder if i could of got an even better one!

For example, in my play through the French guy got kidnapped along with Faye, well naturally I had to rescue Faye later one...but what about French dude?!?!? Seriously I never seen him ever again!

Maybe he got shotted up ion a cut-scene and I didn't notice? Which would be really odd, as this game is amazing at making you feel 100% emotionally attached to the characters you like! So I'm pretty sure he just vanished from the storyline somehow!

Also, Bo got killeded by the final boss - in a cutscene! And I'm pretty sure we at max bromance! So whats the deal?!

Is there any way to change this?!

And what is the absolute best ending possible?

Thanks for help!
2 years ago#2
It's purely based on trust levels. I'm assuming you mean Cain didn't make a return, right? I had the same thing in my playthrough - I think if you build trust up with him he also joins your team for the final boss fight. I know if Bo doesn't have high trust, he ends up not joining up with you and staying with the general at the end.
Stupid, stupid rat creatures!!!
2 years ago#3
There are things that change, yes, but I wouldn't say they are full on different endings.

Big Bo can join you against the final boss with max affection or fight you with lower affection.

Different scene after robomutt fight if you help Bo, but Bo can not be killed by that boss either way.

Cain with max affection or maybe it takes all characters, and Cain will show up and take the blow from the final boss (and survive) that would normally kill one of your other characters.

Lovey dovey scene with Fae about halfway is due to her affection meter.
2 years ago#4
Aww crap, so Cain should have taken that blow (protecting Faye) instead of Bo!

Oh also the asian dude died by a swarm of kid-faced bots in front of that elevator i got on with the other dude. Is there a way to save him?

I must not have had Cain at max but that's tough because i did keep him with me from the time i got him, oh does affection carry over in like a newgame+ mode or something?!

Does the Epilogue change at all, i got a kickass one with Tanktop Faye getting persued the desert and then Dan-O leaped out from behind her with a minigun!
2 years ago#5
The last two Asian guys' affection doesn't change any cutscenes. Don't think there is NG+ or at least not for that stuff.
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