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Why is the Last of Us a good game? Really, now

#61My_UnitPosted 8/21/2014 4:32:03 AM
brolynick posted...
singhellotaku posted...
mostly because people are suckers for all the manufactured emotion within.

Yes, that is exactly why I played through the game 5 times when I already knew all the cutscenes/story after the first playthrough. I enjoyed the gameplay.

ssjgohhku posted...
A horrible interactive movie with focus on quick time events and no gameplay makes it a pretty bad video game.

Barely any QTE's, at least 80% of the game is gameplay. Try again.

Exactly. There is plenty of great gameplay. People who think its riddled with QTEs have no idea what they are talking about and if they say this, then they obviously haven't played the game.
The Last of Us is the greatest game in the last decade. There is no argument. Number of people who agree - 410