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Any good coop games for 3+ players?

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1 year ago#11
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. It's a hell lot of fun playing the campaign in co-op
1 year ago#12
Not even close... Lost Planet is a great series.

Wait, I know that game. That's the one that made you constantly look for energy all the time, essentially having one giant countdown timer to death in the corner of the screen!
Man, I tried the demo for the first one way back when and remember hating it. I can see why some people would like it, but I'm a scrounger, the guy that hunts every corner of the map and double checks every nook 'n cranny to make sure I don't miss anything and that thing drove me nuts (same thing ruined Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter for me...).

If you are looking for Borderlands type games then as has been mentioned Dead Island is probably perfect for you guys.

Hey, I forgot about that. I think I still have that lying around somewhere, might be fun with more people.

If you like hack n slash types then Dragon's Crown and Castle Crashers is also quite good.

I Dragon's Crown really story heavy? I really liked Odin's Sphere, but I wouldn't have wanted to play that with the yahoos I usually play games with (they're the kind that prefer to skip over all the story bits and just get back to the hacking, slashing and shooting).

Drunk twister

Heh. I wouldn't count on these guys to walk in a straight line when drunk, let alone play twister (though 'll tell 'em you suggested it :)

Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition will be available on the PS3 for $39.99 USD on August 19, 2014. It will support 2-4 player co-op. Definitely worth purchasing when it comes out.

Two of us have Diablo 3 the regular PS3 version. If the other guy gets UE edition, can we still all play together?
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1 year ago#13
Digivillain posted...
Vmode posted...
Weren't the Lost Planet games kinda crappy? Seem to remember most of the reviews I read way back when telling me so.

Not even close... Lost Planet is a great series.

No, he's right, they suck.
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1 year ago#14
Lost Planet 2
Diablo 3
Dragons Crown
Castle Crashers
Dungeon Defenders
Serious Sam 3

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1 year ago#15
Nah DC isnt story heavy at all. There is a minor story but it is short and barely takes away from the game.
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1 year ago#16
Zerowu posted...
Ratchet and clank all 4 one

This. It's lots of fun with 4 people and pretty easy to pick up.
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