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Poll: How long should audiences wait to openly discussing spoilers w/o warning?

#71The_End_88Posted 8/25/2014 11:06:24 AM
According to the way the question is worded, "Never" means you should start talking about spoilers immediately.
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#72theshovellerPosted 8/25/2014 11:11:47 AM
According to this site's policies, they never expire. I got modded once for saying which castle the princess is in in the original Super Mario Brothers some years ago for "unmarked spoilers." The answer they gave was that a spoiler never expires, period. You mark it 110 times out of 100.

With friends and such? You typically check with them first so you don't be a douche and ruin it for someone, because only a douche would go "Hey, you were really excited to see this movie, right? Well, can you believe that twist at the end where that guy was behind everything!?!?" without making sure the guy saw it first.
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#73dillpickle69Posted 8/26/2014 4:53:38 PM
MR_Soren posted...
Quote:I honestly can't imagine having that FF7 moment spoiled. It was truly something to see, when you didn't expect it at all.

Somebody spoiled that for me shortly after I started playing. I never played it again. This was sometime in the 1990s.

I actually got that part spoiled for me here too, but it was completely my fault. Halfway through my playthrough I saw a topic in the board that said it had a hilarious video link. It had a spoiler warning, but I shrugged it off because my logic was "If it was really a huge spoiler, then he would have emphasized it more, like put it in all caps or something". Nope, I click the link to see this

Huge spoiler for FFVII
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