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Is Resident Evil Revelations a good Resident Evil game, and did you like it?

#21PS4addictPosted 8/23/2014 10:36:49 AM
Played some more, there is different settings than the boat and i like them better, tho they also lack in variety as they all seem to have the same "dark" colors.

Again I am not a RE fan, for those who completed RE4 or others, it might be a great experience.
#22Coryo61827Posted 8/23/2014 12:08:30 PM
It's an alright resident evil game. Not amazing, but not horrible either. Personally I say it's the best resident evil to come out in a looooong time. It's a slight return to survival horror. And believe me, there's a few enemies in revelations who are soooo creepy!

The weapon upgrade system is interesting too. You collect custom parts to make your weapons stronger and give them special benefits. It's like finding cards for a cars game and updating your decks to make them stronger, kinda. Much better than resident evil 6's pathetic upgrade system, let's put it that way. Lol.

Actually I think I enjoyed revelations a little more than resident evil 4 even.

And raid mode is so fun to play too. I liked raid mode so much more than I've ever liked any of the mercenary mini games.

I liked the game so much I bought it for the 3ds first and then bought the HD version too. And I am VERY excited for revelations 2 to come out which will actually be made for consoles so it should be even better than the first one.
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