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So what's your haul from this weekend's Flash PSN sale?

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2 years ago#11
Sly Collection for Vita.

I wish I did no get Graces F the last time it went on sale.
2 years ago#12
SUIT_UP posted...
xdifferentx posted...
Just Resident Evil. I decided not to get Graces F since I never finished Xillia. I put 30 some hours in Xilla but now it's too boring to continue..

Bad call. Graces F is excellent and very fun. Xillia is pure trash.

So I've heard but the games seem like they're too long for me.
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2 years ago#13
None, I don't waste money on digital games
2 years ago#14
DarkSymbiote posted...
Nothing. Nothing interests me.
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2 years ago#15

Was thinking of Graces F, but after reading up I'll pass. It really shows that it was originally a wii game(that lip synching tho), voice acting is pretty bad across the board for the main characters(with no Japanese option) and those linear areas ugh.
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2 years ago#16
How long does this sale last? New to PS3. Might pick up Starhawk for single player based on the price. Thanks!
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2 years ago#17
Picked up God of War Collection. I own every other GOW game on the PS3, just needed those 2.
2 years ago#18
Graces is is pure trash........
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2 years ago#19
I was considering both Bioshocks, Darksiders 2, XCOM, Dynasty Warriors, and Sly.

Ended up just getting Sly on PS3.
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2 years ago#20
Johnny Blaque posted...
So what's the full list? IGN and other places say 19 games while I just saw an internet ad for the sale saying 20+

There are 19 games, but two of them are on Vita as well, so that makes 21.
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