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The Last PS3 Game you Bought?

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User Info: JenniferTate

2 years ago#21
Blacklist for 14.69

Before that MG Rising for 8.
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User Info: Dash_Dash88

2 years ago#22
Xillia 2
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User Info: RyanEsau

2 years ago#23
God of War Saga (Used - $25.00 but waa like $31-32 due to tax) :P Great series. Hoping to play origins collection someday (Code was expired :/)
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User Info: twa556

2 years ago#24
Dash_Dash88 posted...
Xillia 2
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User Info: Kosten_Rei

2 years ago#25
Deadspace 1 - $13
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User Info: DrLobotomy

2 years ago#26
Saints Row 4 National Treasure Edition
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User Info: OdaNobuna

2 years ago#27
Tales of Symphonia Chronicles. $19 - physical (new).
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User Info: jay2101

2 years ago#28
Xillia 2

User Info: Arctic_Wolf510

2 years ago#29
Xillia 2.

User Info: Flare1721

2 years ago#30
Tales of Xillia 2. $60.
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