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Confession: I only buy games in SALES to make a good deal, I never play them
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coslcan317/26 3:46AM
Ni No Kuni vs Tales of Xillia
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Nend0247/26 3:46AM
Need a new RPG. Suggestions?
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ModicaSolis127/26 3:14AM
What settings, brightness, etc. do you set your HDTV's to while playing games?
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Ron1989147/26 3:11AM
Playing Youtube playlists.PJB-1157/26 3:02AM
This new preview for risen 3 looks good.Lightborne67/26 2:38AM
What's so bad about Fallout: New Vegas?
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knightoffire55277/26 2:26AM
$25 gift card for free with Ultra Street Fighter IV!NewportBox100s37/26 2:25AM
Who has a special edition PS3, like the different colored ones?akuma63457/26 1:56AM
does bayonetta have the most in depth combat systemHeroBorne107/26 1:52AM
some one alert sony and tell them these classics are missing from the psn store
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nativeboi85447/26 1:49AM
Dragon's Dogma + Dark Arisen is the greatest game that has ever been made.
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thedarklordx3187/26 1:49AM
hyperdimension neptunia victoryBilly Trance47/26 1:22AM
Metro Last Light worth playing?justaseabass57/26 1:17AM
Call me a fangirl, but I think the #1 mascot for the PlayStation 3 should be
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HaloODSTD387/26 12:20AM
Did you enjoy the Destiny beta? (Poll)knightoffire5577/26 12:18AM
As an ex-Japanophile, I still believe there should be a game for the J-movie:HaloODSTD77/25 11:37PM
Best Batman Arkham Game? (Poll)
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Weltall548117/25 11:36PM
how many more days is the destiny beta?duke_nuke4747/25 11:34PM
Why does every difficult game compare itself to dark souls?
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temoorashraf217/25 11:33PM