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GTA Online Heists coming on PS3 March, 10... Over a year after release (Archived)
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ikissedagirl232/25 2:34AM
best fighter to buy? (Archived)
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nativeboi85152/25 2:25AM
installing RE Revelations 2 and ps3 freezes at 95% (Archived)Reich12342/25 1:06AM
Bought FC3 BD and Rayman Origins from todays sale. (Archived)RJP_X42/25 12:39AM
Metro Last Light:Limited Edition New $9.00 keep or return (Archived)wolfgard hannusen52/24 11:59PM
PS3 used games are dirt cheap now, are you guys buying a bunch before PS4 ? (Archived)
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Kano92212/24 10:25PM
Shin Megami Tensei (Archived)RadioOutrider92/24 7:55PM
Which should i buy Watch Dogs or Far Cry 3, Blood Dragon and Classic? (Archived)djmetal77782/24 7:48PM
Want to try out this download queue, I need some help. (Archived)dariusjr9852/24 7:06PM
Do I have all the worthwhile Playstation 3 exclusives? (Archived)
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hijokaiden352/24 5:59PM
Is owning a PS3 no longer worth it if I have a PS4? (Archived)DeadCellReborn102/24 5:50PM
List of Great PS3 J-RPG's? (Preferrably Turn Based, or whatever) (Archived)
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PotatoTears192/24 5:33PM
MP3 Problem (Archived)NyStyle32/24 3:15PM
Full list of FPS or third-person shooters with LOCAL 4 player splitscreen??? (Archived)StickyJumper72/24 2:23PM
Which should I play first? (Archived)Griever81072/24 2:10PM
any jrpgs getting released this year? (Archived)Thebdbd52/24 1:34PM
POLL: BEST Batman Arkham game on PS3? (Poll)
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Jx1010212/24 11:58AM
I thought the 12GB super slim was supposed to be cheap... (Archived)
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Orange_Apples172/24 11:04AM
Streaming PS3 screen to PC? (Archived)djmetal77722/24 11:03AM
How are the DDS games story wise? (Archived)RJP_X52/24 11:00AM