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What makes Suikoden 2 such a special game?
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RJP_X217/26 10:01AM
I've got like 60-70 games in my PS3 backlog, what's a guy to do?
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REMercsChamp307/26 9:47AM
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I think my PS3 killed itself...Help?Perfectinsanity57/26 9:00AM
What's the next RPG you are going to buy for your PS Triple?
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knightoffire55217/26 8:48AM
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Sony should have a Community Spokesperson like Major Nelson on Xbox (Closed)Illcallyou17/26 7:37AM
Metro Last Light worth playing?justaseabass67/26 6:55AM
What's so bad about Fallout: New Vegas?
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knightoffire55287/26 6:54AM
"How I Would Have Ended BioShock" - a brilliant read for Bioshock fansKerr Avon17/26 6:39AM
Any chance these PS2 classics will be on PSN store someday?
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wishmaster0912357/26 3:48AM
Game design decisions you wish would disappear
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StogieKilmer2597/26 3:48AM
Ni No Kuni vs Tales of Xillia
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Nend0247/26 3:46AM
Playing Youtube playlists.PJB-1157/26 3:02AM
$25 gift card for free with Ultra Street Fighter IV!NewportBox100s37/26 2:25AM
does bayonetta have the most in depth combat systemHeroBorne107/26 1:52AM