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Would you say D2 is good?
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AzureXIII118/27 8:45AM
What is the best interactive movie on ps3?
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Mate4williams118/27 8:33AM
New Summer Flash Sale today in PSN?
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KrautSauer178/27 8:13AM
Any JRPGs where your party members fight without giving orders?HaloODSTD78/27 7:45AM
best and worst and meh rpgs?
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gamerofthenight398/27 7:41AM
The last of us's gameplay vs Uncharted's gameplay (all of them) (Poll)Brunozayn58/27 7:01AM
Thinking about buying a 80GB fat PS3 for $50That_Damn_Kid98/27 6:54AM
Do people still play Sony games online? Why is Sony failing every time to create
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KrautSauer158/27 6:49AM
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is child of light a cross buy game?MetroidHunter1328/27 6:44AM
How much of an advantage do SSDs have over HDDs when it comes to PS3s?Doctor__Pepper48/27 6:19AM
GTA Online will soon be unplayable on 12GB PS3s - unless you upgrade your HDDThat_Damn_Kid88/27 6:15AM
What game to play next out of my backlog? (Poll)Mindwipe7738/27 6:06AM
If a game has a ton of DLC do you wait for a complete/GOTY edition? (Poll)
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knightoffire55468/27 5:56AM
who actually buys the 12gb ps3?
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MrDude1128/27 5:20AM
So I saw the Playstation 3 camera for $30 on clearance andPerry_Tanko38/27 4:38AM
Why are gamers so ungrateful?
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SamirOG208/27 4:15AM