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Chrono Trigger vs. Suikoden II (Poll)
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Jammer1962412/11 8:07PM
Do you think we'll see another PS3 hardware revision and a 750GB HDD?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
xxnike629xx1212/11 8:03PM
Do disks still spin inside the PS3 when not being used?Jx1010712/11 7:13PM
i hope we get arkham origins for ps plus sooncrshovrr1012/11 7:07PM
Is South Park: The Stick of Truth known for being glitch?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
blablablax171512/11 7:00PM
My PS3 randomly changed all my games to letterboxLord Magus2002312/11 6:39PM
PSone (Archived)gameboy3145412/11 3:54PM
Was Deadpool any good? (Archived)
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knightoffire551212/11 2:59PM
PS Classics question. (Archived)WiiareVenom312/11 2:00PM
Which game/games are you playing to get you in christmas mood right now? (Archived)Herrx612/11 12:55PM
Just received star ocean 4 (Archived)
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completeboy2312/11 12:47PM
Is there supposed to be some kind of notification for the paypal deal? (Archived)WhiteWolf338712/11 12:30PM
PS3 resets every time I buy something on the PSN (Archived)sonicdream5512/11 12:10PM
Grandia 2 and Wild Arms 5 (PS2) on the Japanese PSN (Archived)
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AnthonM21712/11 12:09PM
Is it worth it to get a PS3 at this point? (Archived)
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Malimario981912/11 10:56AM
Is Darksiders 3 happening? (Poll)
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knightoffire551112/11 10:55AM
Games to play at this time of the month or Christmas? (Archived)carsauce1012/11 10:48AM
PS Plus autoupdate not working? (Archived)rjkellar412/11 10:36AM
Top3 worst ps3 games OF ALL TIME 1. Bully 2. AC2 3. LA Noire (Archived)
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ffkills1912/11 10:27AM
Has there been a vidgame genre or series you grew out of? How did you realize? (Archived)
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HaloODSTD4312/11 9:59AM