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what is the best final fantasy series for ps3 ? (Archived)ahmednaruto201344/8 3:27PM
Any good open world first person games beside Far Cry and Skyrim? (Archived)
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Saiyan_Emperor264/8 3:27PM
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Demon's Souls worth buying? (Archived)
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VanderZoo264/8 2:04PM
How is the Free version of Dynasty Warrior 8 Empires? (Archived)ShadowFight264/8 11:07AM
Best Atelier games for a better first experience with series? (Archived)TRMDYL44/8 10:54AM
7 PM and still no PSN Store update... (Archived)
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POOKISTAN114/8 10:54AM
Which Dragon age is more linear and smaller world (origins or II) (Archived)blackrosewitch164/8 10:51AM
I am thinking of buying a TV need help ... (Archived)Zeki11724/8 9:31AM
The fate of my PS3? (Archived)Kharisan34/8 9:23AM
what you think is better Yakuza 4 or Gta 5 (Archived)ahmednaruto201394/8 7:15AM
rate my purchses (Archived)
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EnemyWithin88174/8 3:53AM
Dante in DMC2 looks so badass (Archived)
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jason19192204/8 3:42AM
How exactly hard are the dark souls games and demon souls? (Archived)
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djmetal777264/8 3:34AM
which is better naruto shippuden storm 2 and revolution or dark souls 1 and 2 or (Archived)ahmednaruto201324/8 2:24AM
Goddamn, beyond good and evil's ending. I can finally identify with the rage... (Archived)
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xyphilia114/8 2:21AM
What is this piece that fell out of my PS3 controller? (Archived)pikafox85104/8 1:37AM
Funny, the first mainstream region free console... (Archived)Trailblazer3434/8 1:17AM
Battle of the PS3 Games------------Round 26------------ (Poll)fiyeroatheart84/8 1:04AM
Is the Fatal Frame series on PS3 as PS2 classics worth buying? (Archived)HakuMan11138654/8 12:32AM