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Tired of Sony slapping Game prices in our face!
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Illcallyou177/27 7:59AM
Which do you guys recommend?Animenerd2437/27 7:56AM
Aside from killzone 2, what are some other games that require the dualshock?djmetal77747/27 7:30AM
I need some help on Borderlands 2. What steps to take during TVHMode.renegadeseraph67/27 7:30AM
What are Telltales best games that weren't interactive movie games?
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Jacky11226167/27 6:39AM
Any good story driven games worth playing?
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Sasuke7892177/27 6:18AM
How hard is Bioshock 1 on survivor?
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justaseabass147/27 6:17AM
What settings, brightness, etc. do you set your HDTV's to while playing games?
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Ron1989157/27 6:02AM
Dualshock 4's home button only works to turn on the PS3Mass_Carrier17/27 5:13AM
Fallout 4 for ps3 still? And dying light (My two most awaited games ever)w0rldsrichest97/27 4:55AM
Looking for a turn-based combat (J)RPG.gzorze_0087/26 11:33PM
Do ps3 discs get damaged if left in a hot car?
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Nend0147/26 11:13PM
Does WPA2 personal kill download speeds?Ron198917/26 11:01PM
Anyone else not able to sync trophies?danny_S_0627/26 11:00PM
My blu-ray drive is having trouble reading discs.Boney0047/26 10:57PM
Might return BO 2 for a Destiny preorderSolidSnake678547/26 10:39PM
So what is your top 15 PS3 games?
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xxnike629xx427/26 10:36PM
Atlus sure put a lot of their games on PSN classics this year but...
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Devilman_Amon137/26 10:34PM
last of us being ported to theatersx_stevey_x67/26 10:32PM
After playing Final Fantasy X-2 for the first time, I have to say... (Closed)
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Weltall548427/26 10:30PM