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So whats the general verdict on he BL: Pre-Sequel?
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Churros_Regime3110/17 11:09AM
Is Portal 2 better than The Last Of Us?fallouturrican910/17 10:25AM
What PlayStation 3 game did you have the MOST HYPE FOR? And did it deliver?
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HaloODSTD3410/17 10:25AM
Which games on PS3 outside rpgs is a 16-20 hour experience on first playthrough?Herrx610/17 10:00AM
List the greatest PS3 games that are still better than anything on PS4 and Xboxfallouturrican410/17 9:50AM
im digging the gameplay in the new Borderlands
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TimeOfTheDark1110/17 9:47AM
Playstation Customer Support relentlessly screwing me over! Please give advice!NinjaGuerra810/17 9:42AM
Only on PlayStation $0.99 Flash Sale soon?fallouturrican410/17 9:38AM
Why did Sony ask Capcom for exclusive RE Revelations 2 Raid Mode contents?UltimatesTruth310/17 9:32AM
Why do the FIRST sequels so often suck? Like Ass Creed 2, Far Cry 2, Uncharted 2
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dailyaction3510/17 8:44AM
Ps3 super slim - Removing DiscMisoraMassacre1010/17 7:24AM
Why does GFAQs shun those who prefer Physical over Digital games only?
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HaloODSTD1210/17 7:10AM
Recommend me old JRPGsValorZrayk1010/17 6:52AM
Splendor Man vs Alien Insulation (Poll)
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BOZK1610/17 4:54AM
What's with all the Final Fantasy hating??knightoffire55510/17 3:42AM
For someone who's never had a PS3 or PS4...AshWilliams781010/17 3:18AM
are you hoping for stupidly good deal on christmas?overlordlaharl0910/17 1:58AM
Just started tomb raider and i am already stuck, now this is adventure
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completeboy2010/17 1:50AM
Why exactly did only one ps3 game have region lock..
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Trailblazer341410/17 1:41AM
PS3 RPG with the best character creation. (Poll)
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tarachris4ever2710/17 12:49AM