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any shooters on ps3 offer online splitscreen? (Archived)king_madden87/6/2013
Making room for next-gen... (Archived)bigdeez87/6/2013
Does Sony even sell PS+ cards online? (Archived)DerekRoss107/6/2013
ok so i preordered lightning returns final fantasy 13 from gamestop.. (Archived)
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For JRPG fans: Is dual audio an important factor for which JRPGs you buy? (Poll)
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Please help me choose a game to play (Archived)Lord_KronosIII87/6/2013
Problems with white ps3 slim (Archived)nw6347/6/2013
So the Bamco suprise announcement is ... (Archived)Bleu47/6/2013
Tomb Raider (2013) or Uncharted (1, 2, & 3)? (Poll)
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15 years later Parasite Eve is still the best game of all time. (Archived)
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Interested in playing through the Silent Hill games. (Archived)
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I get why people like God of War. (Archived)
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R.I.P.D. The Game (Archived)Gamemaster6457/6/2013
Which one is the best? (Poll)
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The cell was well worth it even if it was complicated for lazy developers... (Archived)gamecubeplayer17/6/2013
Operation Raccoon City has sold over 2 million copies. (Archived)
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Best use of a motorcycle...? (Archived)TakeItInTheFace77/6/2013
Dungeon defenders keyboard help? (Archived)Bac0n0147/6/2013
If you like to play multiple games at the same time, try The Last Of Us and TWD (Archived)mrhappyguy1234587/6/2013
Have $20 download code and need help with what to get. (Archived)Bleachfreak777/6/2013