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How hard would you said is to platinum the Devil May Cry HD Collection?
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Question about Shadow of the Collossus
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Grid Autosport (Grid 3) only came out a few weeks ago and is $12,50catMillionaire29/20 2:02AM
Is the Final Fantasy series dead? (Poll)
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Skyrim + Dragon's dogma = the ultimate game.Jedininja1109/20 12:19AM
what tales of game should i play?
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humptyrump139/19 11:23PM
Borderlands 2 > Destiny
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BLAZE_92X179/19 11:23PM
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I'm considering buying Final Fantasy Origins, and I want to know:EclairReturns59/19 9:00PM
How do you define "replay value"?
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SegavsCapcom119/19 8:36PM
October free plus games?????????????
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Aerosoldier119/19 8:34PM
Should I upgrade to ps4 with gamestop deal $150bulletproven5059/19 8:33PM
Next weekend Sony needs to make it up to us with a JRPG FLASH SALE!
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SUIT_UP359/19 8:33PM
Does PlayStation Move work with a rear-projection TV?UnclePhart69/19 8:28PM