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Can a dent in the TV bezel affect the screen? (Archived)Scarface720107/17/2013
So the general consensus on RPGs is that JRPGs were better in the past and WRPGs (Archived)Scarecrow171137/17/2013
Thoughts on Mafia 2? (Archived)lostkiwi67/17/2013
It's painly obvious that if Shenmue 3 is made, it will be a Wii-U exclusive (Archived)MourningReigns77/17/2013
What resolution do humans see at in real life? (Archived)ZenGamer6427/17/2013
Day one purchases? (Archived)SolidDBZ27/17/2013
List of games you will play before next gen. (Archived)WIERDJACK47/17/2013
I know this topic has been dealt to death but (Archived)Gallusz27/17/2013
EU PS+ august games revealed: Mafia 2, NFS: most wanted,... (Archived)
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And I sit pondering......What next? (Archived)ZenGamer6457/17/2013
Question about Alice: Madness Returns (Archived)freakofnature3027/17/2013
How do I transfer to a new HD? (Archived)Jiryn57/17/2013
Is it possible to access the US Store from a UK PS3? (Archived)Yazoo11167/17/2013
i have a dl code for mgs1 (Archived)NasclueXX47/17/2013
Sanzaru Games making a "flurry of announcements" in the coming months (Archived)
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Is BF3 Premium edition worth buying? (Archived)FF14_BABEYY27/17/2013
I am barely getting a PS3 and I already love it. (Archived)darkdragongirl37/17/2013
What are some good PS3 games to play when you have a fever? (not Bieber Fever) (Archived)
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Three more Zipper Interactive game servers going offline. (Archived)
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Which controller do you own? Sixaxis or Dualshock 3? (Poll)Gamenamebully107/17/2013