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SO Happy Sega is bringing over Project Diva f... (Archived)
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Are there any japan-only ps3 games that are coming out next month? (Archived)BladeDog91136/17/2013
Do you think Last of Us outsold Injustice? (Poll)Bancario5166/17/2013
Atelier Escha & Logy countdown videos have begun (Archived)SieKensou16/17/2013
TLoU gameplay sucked = I watched a video on YouTube... (Archived)
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High possibility of price drop or new design on PS3? (Archived)Highly Evolved66/17/2013
The producer of the first 3 Socoms is making a game ...H-Hour: World's Elite (Archived)ibl33dblue31476/17/2013
GTA 4 was a long game (Archived)
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In all honesty. Is The Last of Us really that amazing? (Archived)
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The last of us: did it meet the hype or not? (Poll)
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My PS3 almost froze when trying to play a downloaded game (Archived)Ron198946/17/2013
Duke Nukem Creators Sue Gearbox Over Withheld Royalties (Archived)
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MGRevengeance makes Mr. Toad's Wild Ride seem tame. (SPOILERS maybe) (Archived)
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Anyone set to buy the PS4 regardless of their backlog? (Archived)
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Is there a reason why my PS3 logs me out everytime I start up a game? (Archived)HakuMan11138616/17/2013
Trophy sync taking a while? (Archived)kkrauss66/17/2013
For those that played Bayonetta, did you play it on the PS3? (Poll)
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I installed a new HDD and my PS3 is signing out a lot. Why is this? (Archived)HakuMan11138616/17/2013
Is Naughty Dog the best developer ever? (Poll)
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knytt underground is free for ps plus right now. (Archived)MoonBound66/17/2013