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Any good survival zombie games? (Archived)TheCap25/21/2013
Can mods on Gamefaqs lock your PS3 topics?? (Archived)tomcatobitrice75/21/2013
Games this gen that you think pretty much looked like PS2. (Archived)
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Is Versus XIII still exclusive? (Archived)Junpei_Stupei95/21/2013
What is the general quality of games you played this gen? (Poll)bloodcoast75/21/2013
As a fighting game fan, is BlazBlue Continuum Shift any good? (Archived)SegavsCapcom85/21/2013
Will Remember Me be a sleeper hit like Sleeping Dogs? (Archived)Scarecrow1711105/21/2013
Call of Duty: Ghosts looks so good! (Archived)
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lol @ Call of Duty devs raving about their character models in their new engine (Archived)
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Worth buying a PS3?? (Archived)Rapid_Power55/21/2013
Time & Eternity should have been designed in the style of Guilty Gear Xrd (Poll)
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New COD has customizable characters! (Archived)
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fyi final fantasy 14 is $40 on amazon (Archived)bigbrandon198625/21/2013
Having video problems while playing bBRD movies (Archived)TehPwnzerer15/21/2013
What's the best deal you've ever gotten on a console? (Archived)MasterSpectrobe35/21/2013
Sony stocks go up dramatically following Xbox Reveal (Archived)
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Don't know what I want to play (Archived)uwishuwereme1725/21/2013
I can't finish it, guys. Dishonored is just soooo boring. (Archived)
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I don't remember... did Sony say anything about the ability to play used games? (Archived)jubjub_2845/21/2013
So... Chris Redfield is definitely gay right? (Poll)
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