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God Mode - April 23rd (Archived)Brocken_Jr14/19/2013
If Versus shows up at E3, where will it be? Sony's press conference? (Archived)
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I couldn't even finish Tales of Graces f post game. Should I buy Xillia? (Archived)
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Which open world game should I get? (Archived)
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What's the next game I should buy that will be released in the near future? (Archived)Billy Trance34/19/2013
Can you tell me if this is true or not? (Archived)SonicHogWiz9124/19/2013
Quick Cinavia question (Archived)LMSavage14/19/2013
I cant think of another game worth buying for this year (Archived)
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Got a new router and now my PS3 is giving me issues. (Archived)wackyteen54/19/2013
Max payne dlc any good (Archived)howdyneighbor2564/19/2013
The Evil Within marks a great fusion with Bethesda and Mikami(The W & J) (Archived)zerooo094/19/2013
Heavy Rain cost 16.7 million euro to make, and made Sony "more than 100 million" (Archived)
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Next game in "Red Dead" Series? (Archived)
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PS plus 1 year voucher question (voucher came with ps3) (Archived)RKO_ON_RAW24/19/2013
Would you like the Hyperdimension Neptunia series more if the characters weren't (Poll)
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Capcom's response to poor sales is more DLC (Archived)
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Are you getting Dead Island Riptide or Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arison and why? (Archived)
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A scientific reason the men in JRPG's on the PS3 look like chicks (Archived)
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CoD scrub report! (Archived)
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I didn't hate RE6 for the action oriented gameplay.... (Archived)MourningReigns44/19/2013