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Warning: Do not get Persona 4 Arena in the Flash sale. (Closed)
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spealfan444148/22 4:40AM
When you buy a game in PSN and play it for less than one hour WHY NOT GET REFUND
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Illcallyou748/22 4:28AM
Final Fantasy II is one of the best Final Fantasy games.
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
knightoffire55128/22 4:26AM
Not only a FLASH SALE, there is also a new PAX 2014 saleorcagamers88/22 4:24AM
I want Call of Duty Medieval Warfare on PS3!BOZK98/22 4:24AM
Poll: Is it okay to have sexualized men in games? (Poll)POOKISTAN88/22 4:19AM
Where the hell is the flash sale?smerf168/22 4:18AM
What class do you choose to play in RPGs? (Poll)
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LaggingRed448/22 2:55AM
After 8 years on the PS3 board, so long PS3 gamers. I am outta here.
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IceHusky348/22 2:46AM
God does not want me to play Grand Theft Auto 5ive.BOZK108/22 1:32AM
Dead Nation: Yay or Nay? And why? For both ps3 and ps4 versionsindica68/22 1:13AM
How is everyone enjoying xillia 2 ?Dash_Dash88108/22 1:08AM
Free map DLC for TLOU PS3 owners. All because PS4 owners have MM issuies loltomcatobitrice38/22 12:40AM
If Metal Gear Rising can run @ 60fps with those demanding graphics...
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ravenom_06218/21 11:53PM
AC3 doesn't feel like a stealth game.Billy Trance88/21 11:16PM
Is Persona 4 Arena online still active?Pungabi38/21 10:56PM
Resident Evil Revelations 2
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GuyFawkes5348/21 10:51PM
Yay! Got my 5th platinum trophy!SynysterSouls58/21 10:48PM
What action game should I play alongside my main game right now? (Poll)SegavsCapcom88/21 10:19PM
Question about Hong Kong and Taiwan PSNphalnx18/21 9:47PM