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I bought Trine and now I have $10 left (Archived)Team_Clockw0rk31/1/2012
are you gonna keep playing games til the day you die? (Archived)
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Lords of Shadow was such an annoying experience... (Archived)
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so chrono cross (Archived)PrinceOfFallout41/1/2012
What game is in YOUR PlayStation 3? (Archived)
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Who likes Ubisofts Uplay? (Archived)tw123987561/1/2012
Is it possible to turn a sub account into a master account? (Archived)Nowhereman2421/1/2012
Should FF still be called FF (Archived)
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I want to get Star Ocean TLH, I think I'm insane. (Archived)
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Old PS3 died; Bought a new one. Want old HDD data. (Archived)Tenkaichi0681/1/2012
Happy New Year!! What will be the first PS3 game you'll get this year? (Archived)
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What Final Fantasy game are you looking forward to the most? (Archived)Daggeraxe91/1/2012
I have an Atlus curse. (Serious topic #1) (Archived)NashtheLion91/1/2012
How is this LCD in terms of input lag? (Archived)Sairenji91/1/2012
What ever happened to the PSP remakes to PS3? (Archived)xminnis61/1/2012
I can';t decide if I like Uncharted 3 as much as 2 (Archived)Shanks_McKinsey101/1/2012
What the hell just happened to my PS3?!? (Archived)RollingCradle101/1/2012
Quest for Booty )-) what is this game about? (Archived)Twilight_Gavin41/1/2012
looking for a good couch co-op game (Archived)
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Having trouble transferring .psv saves onto PS3 (Archived)Paul Nelson41/1/2012