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Prometheus looks better than sex! Prometheus PS3 game coming? (Archived)PLAYSTATlON4103/19/2012
Did any of you simpletons buy Siren Blood Curse? (Archived)
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Any games (action/adventure/rpg) which doesn't have protagonist? (Archived)rktn_odin23/19/2012
Has GameStop started giving out DLC codes or online passes with used games? (Archived)crimsonassassin53/19/2012
Ugh, someone changed my password (Archived)
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How is the Max Payne series? (Archived)
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Why are there no Operation Raccoon City reviews yet? (Archived)
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What do you think are the best PS3 demos from PSN? (Archived)ma963/19/2012
What are some good products that I can buy from PSN for $2.50? (Archived)Junpei_Stupei43/18/2012
Your Favorite video moment Graphical and story this Gen*limited spoliers please* (Archived)McSnarled13/18/2012
GTA Disk not loading (Archived)signofvictory53/18/2012
So I am done with free Killzone 3 Multiplayer... (Archived)
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Looking for PS3 games with interracial marriage (Archived)
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Ps3 nearly tops 3DS for global sales, spanks the xbox360 (successful topic 100) (Archived)
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Create Your Own Sony Fighter Roster (Archived)
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I still say these two have a lot in common..... (Archived)
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Question about audio setup and PS3... (Archived)
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I'm surprised by the lack of hype for Armored Core V on this board. (Archived)
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Any good ideas on psn or retail games to buy? (Archived)AzurexNightmare23/18/2012
Coloured bars flickering on the screen? (Archived)awesomesauce1353/18/2012