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Any games with a hot blonde as the main protagonist with long bangs? (Archived)BlueSkies777652/21/2012
A special Street Fighter X Tekken to be released for Vita (PS3 relevant) (Archived)icewolf7432/21/2012
PS3 games that rejuvinate your spirits (Archived)XciteMe32/21/2012
Any big budget turn based JRPGs with loli and/or cat girls? (Archived)TelekiNoctis82/21/2012
Blades of Time, or Lillipop Chainsaw? (Archived)RollingCradle42/21/2012
mass effect 3 will be the greatest game this generation (Archived)
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Splinter Cell HD trilogy trophies makes me not want to play 2 or 3. (Archived)
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If they were to bring over a Visual Novel, which one would you want? (Archived)
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Can I play a PS2 Disc on a PS3 Slim? (Archived)trent4452/21/2012
Your favorite Scene in FFVII (Archived)
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Star Ocean 4 any good... (Archived)
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Gamefly under $20 blowout sale (Archived)MrMikeMa42/21/2012
caps UNCHARTED: GOLDEN ABYSS for 79p (Archived)WalkingTheMile32/21/2012
How many good WRPGs do you own ? (Archived)
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PSOne Discs on PS3 vs PSOne games from PSN (Archived)fernandoikari82/21/2012
Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine is the hardest game I've ever played (Archived)
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rockstar should make another game like the warriora (Archived)chiballer62/21/2012
Old PS3 games with lots of trophies? (Archived)
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Buzz buzz (Archived)HNKS42/21/2012
If you guys are looking for rare games (for people in North Carolina) (Archived)Kaliesto22/21/2012