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That dead guy near the beginning of Uncharted 3 (spoilers) (Archived)Vecturin411/2/2011
I agreed 100% with honestgamers 4/10 U3 review. Does that mean I'll like... (Archived)
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Hard drive upgrade time! (Archived)Bladescorpion111/2/2011
Help with psone classics problem (Archived)ButterflyFX311/2/2011
Dead HDD (Archived)kybassman611/2/2011
Cool Smash Bros PlayStation 'Snapshots' (Not real, but still cool) (Archived)
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Alright time to think up the PSmash Bros Roster. (Archived)THE_PS1_PATRIOT811/2/2011
What's the fail rate of PS3's? (Archived)
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bought 9 games today (Archived)
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GTA 5... San Andreas (Archived)xsabrewulf511/2/2011
One interesting thing you look forward to with GTAV (Archived)monkeyman01111011/2/2011
So who thinkgs the GTAV graphics were unimpressive? (Archived)
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What game should I get for MP? (Archived)MMAKSX211/2/2011
should i buy Uncharted 3 or Skyrim? (Archived)
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Problem with adjusting screen in all games (Archived)Shin_Gouki_2000211/2/2011
14 Friends Online...11 are playing Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (Archived)
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I keep getting Disconnected (Archived)IhateMelvin311/2/2011
So, I've been playing quite a bit today... (Archived)MrBanballow211/2/2011
What will happen 10 years from now? Will the online PS3 games even be... (Archived)Devilman_Amon1011/2/2011
Major updates since early 2009? (Archived)SIC101211/2/2011