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Star Ocean 4 best jrpg on ps3 this gen... (Archived)
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PS3 stopped showing up on my TV.. (Archived)KingBordem610/15/2011
Make any game a survival challenge? (Archived)Flamewheelz210/15/2011
So did the new GT5 2.0 update kill the graphics? (Archived)
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DICE Comments on New Xbox, PS4, "We Think We've Pushed PS3, 360 Boundaries" (Archived)
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Gonna get GTA IV Complete soon. What order should I play them? (Archived)Iwata_Miyamoto710/15/2011
list of current & upcoming games that will have online passes? (Archived)Botnus912710/15/2011
Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch coming to US/EU 2012 (Archived)
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Rate My PS3 Collection (Archived)
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Two Worlds 2 worth it ? (Archived)sharjah410/15/2011
i'm trading Dark Souls...need opinions please (Archived)
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MW3 for $47.99 with free S/H (Archived)daigre7310/15/2011
Gonna play PS3 tomorrow for the first time in 2 months... (Archived)username_24510/15/2011
After 5 years of PS3, still no Hello Kitty PS3 game. =( (Archived)
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Just a heads up for those with a Logitech racing wheel and PS+ auto update...... (Archived)DrGonzo615110/15/2011
Resistance 3 did 180k in September NPD, much less than Resistance 2 (Archived)
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My story is better than your story (Archived)GM_510/15/2011
no wonder gaming companies target casual gamers now (Archived)doraemonllh1989610/15/2011
seems like online passes only really hurt people who buy new and sell used. (Archived)Fanch234610/15/2011
What Games Are You Planning To Buy/Add To Your Current Game Collection? (Archived)
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