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which headset to get? px5 or sonys new headset (Archived)
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I think the mini USB cable short circuited my ps3 controller ! (Archived)xenosaga12319/10/2011
how to stop my HDTV from upscaling my games. (Archived)Arrowsedge8989/10/2011
Who here actually likes the Resistance 3 multiplayer, and why? (Archived)MlREFOX29/10/2011
Had to take a break popped in Crysis 2 am pretty impressed ... (Archived)thedevilsminion49/10/2011
Will RE4 HD have better graphics then RE5??? (Archived)
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Xbox has COD, PS3 has BF3 (Archived)robinoyo59/10/2011
Playstation Plus Question. (Archived)slyman1999/10/2011
COD haters need to come up with better innovative excuses... (Archived)
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Two more Ideas For the xmb and friends list (Archived)macarbeone49/10/2011
Dead Island or Deus Ex HR? (Archived)PSYCH0_S0RR0W109/10/2011
How do you position your body when you game? (Archived)
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Anybody else excited for White Knight Chronciles 2? (Archived)
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I need recommendations for a game that has a booming online co-op mp experienc (Archived)
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Ps3 making weird sounds (Archived)Cavskid1229/10/2011
I'm thinking for the first time of getting japanese games. (Archived)Kaliesto69/10/2011
Trouble connecting my PS3 to my Olevia TV (Archived)chuckrin39/10/2011
How is Bloodrayne: Betrayal only rated Teen? (Archived)
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Shadow Cloud159/10/2011
Looking for some good, cheap games (Archived)danny boyx79/10/2011
Your Most Anticipated Game is... (Archived)Paragon57109/10/2011