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IGn Reviews (Archived)FoxxyGolem310/24/2011
How often do you replay games you bought? (Archived)KojaxFX610/24/2011
Naughty Dog curbstomped Epic (Archived)
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wired or wireless? (Archived)piazzapimper313410/24/2011
Didn't IGN give GTA4 a 10? (Archived)
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Hollywood nWo1110/24/2011
Uncharted 3 > Zelda OOt (Archived)
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kloud 111810/24/2011
There's one thing hold me back from getting a PS3: (Archived)CrystalKing5426510/24/2011
So basically a number of reviewers feel BF3 would have been better without SP (Archived)gucciburrr110/24/2011
G4tv gives Uncharted 3 a 4/5 score (Archived)shrimpgeek8410/24/2011
Its a shame so many will miss out on Uncharted 3... (Archived)MlREFOX710/24/2011
Uncharted got a 10: does that make amy hennig hot now? (Archived)SODIS510/24/2011
*waits for everyone to say UC3 is overrated* (Archived)Kaliesto110/24/2011
Quick question: does the GTrailers review of U3 contain spoilers??? (Archived)settsdevil310/24/2011
Would Final Fantasy Versus XIII can accidently destroy the launch consoles? (Archived)Kaliesto210/24/2011
Wait, the PS3 Batman / Batarang controller requires batteries? (Archived)ElDudorino310/24/2011
I have a $20 gift certificate to BestBuy (Archived)CustomCreAZN110/24/2011
Get The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim or Dark souls ? (Archived)
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FOTNS Kens Rage was one of the worst games i've played this gen. (Archived)
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OMG uncharted got a 10? (Archived)Vicsthebest210/24/2011
gt's review is up, is it safe to watch? (Archived)ToastyAnakin510/24/2011