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If i trade in ps3 games at best buy (Archived)Mindwipe7719/26/2011
What do you think about the Silent Hill series (Archived)
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anyone getting the splinter cell HD collection? (Archived)OaklandRaiderz109/26/2011
why wasnt deus ex hyped before it came out? (Archived)
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Anyone else surprised by poll? (Archived)
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Who the hell has time for all these games? (Archived)EvilTrash99/26/2011
Which version of Goldeneye Reloaded should I get? (Archived)
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If I remember correctly, Demon's Souls servers should be closing soon (Archived)_Sabertooth_1109/26/2011
NeoGAF: Dark Souls looks better on 360 than PS3 (Archived)
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Should I bother with SSFIV AE? (Archived)xTheGrieverx59/26/2011
Via PSN is it possible to trace what state someone lives in? (+ grief report) (Archived)Agent_Greer49/26/2011
"Portable Playstation 3.......?" (Archived)
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Top 1 reasons im not buying skyrim or demon souls anymore (Archived)
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Sly 4 - Improved & expanded Hideouts, unique treasures, Feudal Japan level (Archived)
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Dark World Ruler239/26/2011
Need a harddrive upgrade. (Archived)e101gamma19/26/2011
jesus christ dark souls and skyrim fanboys are worse then ps3/360 ones (Archived)
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Do you own Wipeout Hd? (Archived)
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I played the ace combat demo earlier... (Archived)metroidcam89/26/2011
Game Trial Problem. (Archived)mega boi e71529/26/2011
Waited the entire generation.........Not much longer for RAGE (Archived)BasementDewd69/26/2011