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For those of you complaining about FFX being in HD and not 7. Look at this. (Archived)
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OMG my favorite game of all time is 4 days away from release!!! (Archived)
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Trophy sync question (Archived)Daggeraxe59/27/2011
am i supposed to be prompted to update when i turn on the system? (Archived)senior_citizen29/27/2011
question (Archived)crisiscorekid19/27/2011
Best explorable worlds? (Archived)
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What's a good HDD for PS3? (Archived)Master_Happosai69/27/2011
Maybe old news about dark souls (Archived)Iampony139/27/2011
Anyone else get their early invite e-mail... (Archived)Heathenutopia69/27/2011
PS3 won't read any copy of BFBC2 (Archived)
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Trophy sync issues (Archived)suprsolider29/27/2011
so, is resistance 3 worth getting? (Archived)lovestocomment59/27/2011
Ass Creed Bro $25 (Archived)professional gamer79/27/2011
I think we are all forgetting the real winner of best RPG this year... (Archived)
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Devs you used to like but are now dead to you (Archived)
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kloud 11139/27/2011
Have any of you popped in FFX since the announcement? (Archived)Devilman_Amon89/27/2011
Some good games to start off with (Archived)jonniecage29/27/2011
is resistrance combo pack worth it (Archived)Jchobot49/27/2011
Where is Chaos Theory? (Archived)Happy_Robot89/27/2011
Amazon Prime (Archived)Caution12499/27/2011