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How many day left for TGS? (Archived)SonicFlashGuile59/14/2011
So, if a Japanese game can muster 525k sales in ONE week, then obviously.. (Archived)
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Gamefaqs You Decide! (Archived)
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It is time we discuss which region in the world makes the best PS3 games. (Archived)dsagent769/14/2011
Final Fantsy X HD is good news and all but....... (Archived)
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PSN account (Archived)wujou_mao19/14/2011
I bought Deus Ex from Gamestop during their sale yesterday (Archived)
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How long is the story of White Knight Chronicles 2? (Archived)Badudan59/14/2011
Instead releasing HD Final Fantasy games... (Archived)
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MUST WATCH- Batman Arkham City: Behind Harley's Hot Moves (Archived)Tennis_Rocks79/14/2011
Don't buy "From Dust" from PSN store! (Archived)
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Sonic Generations - Sky Sanctuary trailer (Archived)Rob_the_Ninja69/14/2011
Which do you prefer? Platinums? Or trophies in several games instead? (Archived)Broncav49/14/2011
Prices of HD ps2 games? (Archived)Fenomeen29/14/2011
Do you like this gen? (Archived)
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Is it okay to like Square-Enix now? (Archived)
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If somebody on my PSN Friends List hasn't signed on for 6 months, are they dead? (Archived)
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I'm thinking of getting... (Archived)IhateMelvin39/14/2011
new wireless stereo headset question (Archived)Applecola49/14/2011
Blitzball online! (yes another FFX thread) (Archived)
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