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Assassins Creed Brotherhood CE (Archived)Seliea611/15/2011
Are there any other PS3 games like Dragon Age Ultimate edition? (Archived)Valnor501011/15/2011
CoD has the most diverse fanbase of all time. Why? (Archived)gucciburrr811/15/2011
Ive got Skyrim, AC Revelations, Saints Row 3, and Skyward Sword (Archived)Arevin811/15/2011
What i think are some Overrated game series On ps3 (Archived)squon88881011/15/2011
Killzone 3 (Archived)Thoracic511/15/2011
So my brother brought the Uncharted 3 320gb PS3 bundle (Archived)United_World611/15/2011
How is Street Fight IV? (Archived)VCarterMoss611/15/2011
Firmware 3.73 is optional (No prompt) (Archived)Tenkaichi06411/15/2011
Goddamn I can't wait till modern wafrare 4 (Archived)Alinktomypasts911/15/2011
Who's not buying any games until Black Friday? (Archived)
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Clan of Champions (Archived)Devilman_Amon211/15/2011
Rayman Origins on Amazon. (Archived)PixelDaemon111/15/2011
Can anyone list the advantages the PS3 has over the 360? (Archived)
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I've asked this before, but I need to know. (Archived)IChangedMyName211/15/2011
How many bits is PS3??? Like the PS1 was 32, N64 was 64, Dreamcats 128, etc. (Archived)
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Next HD collection has to be: (Archived)
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Did Anyone Purchase Assassin's Creed: Revelations Embers DLC Today? (Archived)TruePS360iiFan411/15/2011
New owner (Archived)Cgarza05211/15/2011
am i the only one (Archived)
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