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Will R* use the same facial motion capture from LA Noire in GTA V? (Archived)BaseChouGoku111/2/2011
$10 t0 spend on PSN? (Archived)
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GTA VI in Vice City? (Archived)NuclearChipmunk711/2/2011
i know i'm late to the party, but heavenly sword was a pretty good game. (Archived)
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Redbox is the best (Archived)ioki711/2/2011
So let's say GTAV does go DL only and starts a trend, would you support it? (Archived)
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Free $10 PSN credit. (Archived)UrBabysGtRabies311/2/2011
7 days left till MW3. Replaying CoD4 and MW2. (Archived)
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GTAV goes back to San Andreas Or maybe more... (Archived)
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Los Santos is BACK!! (Archived)
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i guess haters will target gta V now rather than skyrim (Archived)doraemonllh1989411/2/2011
I really want Mass Effect style Star Trek game.... (Archived)
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DCU Online free-to-play now, worth the MASSIVE download? (Archived)
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crap looks like the lead character is an old man (Archived)merc1231511/2/2011
So about this Sony Smash game (Archived)linkrules2511/2/2011
say you die in a month from now. what would be the last game you'll be playing? (Archived)
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That trailer was AWESOME!!! (Archived)_GFY_411/2/2011
How much are all of these games worth as a Game Stop trade-in? (Archived)
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MW3 vs Battlefield 3 - Wow Im very surprised (Archived)jazvdb93511/2/2011
PAL Store update lacks everything I was interested in. (Archived)sdfiqdha711/2/2011