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do you guys really think the rumored ps3 price cut will happen at gamescom? (Archived)
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Sony on top! (Archived)SonyPonyTony48/16/2011
Saved my PS3. (Archived)Demonic_Essence68/16/2011
Price drop effective immediately (Archived)GM_78/16/2011
Resistance: Burning skies!! (Archived)MattUK0718/16/2011
So my PS3's going out? (Archived)violentdissmay78/16/2011
New $250 PS3 price up on Amazon (Archived)PhaseBlack38/16/2011
New Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One trailer (Archived)PhaseBlack28/16/2011
So...InFamous 2: Vampires....anyone else excited by this? (Archived)
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Been holding off on the PS3 for a while, but now with the price drop... (Archived)
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Games from Western Japan > the rest of Japan > the rest of the world (Archived)PolishSovereign48/16/2011
Breathtaking Uncharted 3 Gamescom Screenshots (Archived)the415Anamoly18/16/2011
Thinking of selling my 360 and getting another PS3 (Archived)LoveMyPS348/16/2011
Western devs target the west; Eastern devs target the east. Everyone's happy. (Archived)
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Its funny how the BF3/MW3 fanboys rage back and forth.....really? (Archived)
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Does Metal Gear Solid 4 Have Trophies? (Archived)
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Time To Take a Stand. (Archived)richierh88/16/2011
Not sure about a lot of games next month...also, game recommendations please? (Archived)
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Littlebig Planet removed from store? (Archived)dlf78/16/2011
Western games = Japanese games (Archived)
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