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Just want to let everyone know, LBP2 is now 40 bucks at Gamestop. (Archived)bsballa0948/17/2011
Did they make a book about resistance's back story? (Archived)minipunch78/17/2011
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Help with black bars on sides during dvd (Archived)CABRAT48/17/2011
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Finally ready to backup my HDD, a few last questions.. (Archived)Arisato-Kun58/17/2011
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Must-have games? (Archived)claymo339138/17/2011
I feel that The Last Guardian and Final Fantasy Forever will be the last... (Archived)Aputi78/17/2011
Don't you hate it when developers go lazy on trophy artwork? (Archived)
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Breath of fire 4 up (Archived)
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Cooking and cleaning games for women (Archived)
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What's safer, ejecting the disc or leaving it? (Archived)MuhammadJA108/17/2011
60gb refurbished (Archived)work_a_holic88/17/2011
Sorcery... Anyone still looking forward to it? (Archived)jammies68/17/2011
With the PlayStation 3 price drop, do you play to buy one now? (Archived)AlexJ199138/17/2011
Fighting fans-- best use of $15 (Archived)
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Problems when formatting HDDs to FAT32? (Archived)Arisato-Kun38/17/2011
Western Games > Japanese Games (Archived)
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Is it mandatory or extremely worth it to buy the PS3 Move/Navigation charger? (Archived)ejpow58/17/2011