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Ouch to Cursed Crusade (Archived)almasbaby410/25/2011
about IGNs UC3 reviewer (Archived)CrystalKing5426810/25/2011
For all this talk about GTAV... (Archived)KaiserLeo210/25/2011
How do you make your game invites expire?? (Archived)LinkIsSpartan310/25/2011
I really wish they would stop doing this. (Archived)Blood_of_Sokar710/25/2011
Is this normal for the ps3 slim 160gb? (Archived)bigdeez810/25/2011
Just got Battlefield 3... (Archived)
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We need more dinosaur games instead of zombie games (Archived)Shadow Cloud410/25/2011
Is it me, or is Uplay exactly what trophies should have been like... (Archived)
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calling it now, GTA5, Vegas nuff said (Archived)
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November will be one expensive month... (Archived)seafoampheonix610/25/2011
I did not buy battlefeel today, anyone else? (Archived)
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Drake Fortune should be the protagonist in GTA V. (Archived)
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Tricked Out Horo1810/25/2011
Deus Ex HR DLC Missing Link. (Archived)XeonexFlash1010/25/2011
Did reviewers get paid again or is Uncharted 3 that good? (Archived)
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LOTR will be the best game released on November 1st (Archived)RespectTheIMD210/25/2011
Im seriously puzzled with the minds of gamers today (Archived)
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Novemeber 3rd is a great month for gaming. (Archived)
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Stop trying to compare Rockstar games with Saints Row. (Archived)
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GTAV will be set in Los Angeles! (Archived)
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