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Anyone looking forward to the new Golden Axe on 11/1? (Archived)Shadow Cloud39/23/2011
I drastically cut down my list of 2011 games-to-get, but November is STILL scary (Archived)
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When do us MOH owners get early access to the BF3 Beta? (Archived)50inchDLP69/23/2011
The new Tomb Raider looks insane! (Archived)
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Looking for a good video game based book. (Archived)tom20_0599/23/2011
New study finds games 'altering perceptions' of reality (Archived)
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Anyone else want an Ape Escape 4? (Archived)
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Just got a new ps3 (Archived)EL_CHACAS229/23/2011
Looking for help (Archived)
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Do you think Payday: The Heist will get some HEAT? (Archived)GarlikBakery89/23/2011
I wonder what the next sony game case will look like? (Archived)
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PS3 60GB YLOD - Trade/Repair question about hard drive (Archived)IamHydrogen79/23/2011
PS2 support data question... (Archived)SoulDawner49/23/2011
Can't Sync Controller (Archived)GodReborn59/23/2011
Why is MGS VR Missions so overlooked? (Archived)
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Now you're playing with portal. (Archived)
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WRPG's why do you wanto to limit yourself controlling only one character? (Archived)
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Expensive few weeks coming eh!!! (Archived)
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Looking for a racing game (help/suggestions wanted) (Archived)
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Kinda unrelated, but I felt I should share this to MGS fans (Archived)mk_spirit29/23/2011