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ICO is the epitome of video game (Archived)
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Do we really need a new FPS every year? (Archived)squon8888610/24/2011
great series that were screwed away by capcom (Archived)
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do you agree with the infamous 1 9/10 review? (Archived)Doct8r910/24/2011
They need to make.... (Archived)insanechaosgod310/24/2011
Hey! That game is big, popular and well received by critics! (Archived)
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So, who's downloading the new infamous 2 expansion pack tomorrow? (Archived)andizzle29662310/24/2011
what can i buy on PSN store for 9 pounds? (Archived)
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The lag and horrible hit detection... (Archived)
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TV has red/white/yellow plugs. I only have component cables. Still possible? (Archived)suppadancesar510/24/2011
You can't spell IGNorant without Adam Sessler (Archived)NakedSnake1986710/24/2011
First Polyphony Digital getting back on top with 2.0 update and now 10/10 for U3 (Archived)
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Uncharted 3 vs. AC: Revelations vs. BF3 vs. MW3 vs. Akham City vs. Dark Souls (Archived)
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Opinions on these games? (Archived)VCarterMoss510/24/2011
anyone recomend a capture device? (Archived)Tenchi UK310/24/2011
Is anyone else gonna rent Uncharted 3? (Archived)
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Just got a new PS3 with 1 month of Plus for free, whats cool about Plus? (Archived)TaintedPerineum410/24/2011
You have to give GFaqs props for running properly on the PS3 web browser (Archived)PolishSovereign910/24/2011
If these next 2 videos doesn't make you want to get SR3, nothing will. (Archived)
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just bought both games...which to play first? (Archived)SePhiRoTh126510/24/2011