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anyone here still using a 60gig ps3? (Archived)
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New Twisted Metal trailer (Archived)the415Anamoly38/25/2011
Does anyone hate it when a game gets delayed? (Archived)
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questions about namco/bandai games... (Archived)manofgod3238/25/2011
If you had to pick........... (Archived)
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Silent Hill Downpour & Eve = true survival horror? (Archived)Devilman_Amon88/25/2011
Hello it's decayed matter i'm loving the hell out of Deus Ex but too many haters (Archived)
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Amazon clearance sale: Low prices on many PS3 games (Archived)
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Just purchased last copy of Deus Ex in my city (Archived)
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Which game has the best mud effects? (Archived)High Priest Hikusaak98/25/2011
Earthquake broke my PS3 (Archived)
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PS3 will not move past 1% during quick or full format. What is the next step? (Archived)mysterydogg88/25/2011
Anyone else hoping for a "Costume Quest 2" this year? (Archived)
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Which to preorder, Rage, Uncharted 3, or AC:Revelations? (Archived)AssaultMonkey958/25/2011
What would you consider the "Norm" for this gen in game developing (Archived)Jahkeemyork108/25/2011
trading in games for dues ex. how much will i get? (Archived)
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Multiplayer split screen games for PS3 (Archived)zmethos88/25/2011
What game has the best defects? (Archived)toadieman38/25/2011
Dead Space 30 melee kills trophy question? (Archived)jammitin58/25/2011
Controller charging problem (Archived)MRevelle8368/25/2011