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What Should I Add To My Current Video Game Collection? (Archived)xxnike629xx510/15/2011
What If CyberConnect 2 Made A Dragon Ball Fighting Game?? (Archived)xxnike629xx910/15/2011
Skyrim completed in just about 2hrs (Archived)
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Forget Online Pass, I demand Startup Pass (Archived)
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Anyone else not able to transfer funds to wallet? (Archived)MetalGearNaruto210/15/2011
So...will Sony give the ability to organize your games? (Archived)MERCERnary810/15/2011
no infos about inFamous 2: Festival of Blood ??? (Archived)sharjah210/15/2011
Guess who is publishing Ninokuni for North America. (Archived)
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when it goes too far. . . (Archived)
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how good are BF3's ps3 graphics....all I see is pc stuff (Archived)gamer6587610/15/2011
How does online really work in Dark Souls ? (Archived)sharjah210/15/2011
Guys I think people who party up with a bunch of a level 35s in U3 are lame (Archived)u_mad610/15/2011
Crysis 2 or Resistance 3 (Archived)vr6exyvr6exy410/15/2011
Suppose there was no new game pass and no catwomen in Arkham City (Archived)Elements0128941010/15/2011
Why are you all a bunch of corporate yuppies? (Archived)
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What happens if you order a limited edition imported PS3 and it breaks? (Archived)xCha0s410/14/2011
im excited,, that july 2012,, is another spider man game,, (Archived)shads3055410/14/2011
Since Resistance 3 bombed... (Archived)Clogged_Artery310/14/2011
Just Bought Dragon Age Origins (Archived)
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Any of you still hasn't bought Dark Souls yet? why haven't you? (Archived)
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