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Honestly... i think Portal 2 should win GOTY for the co-op puzzles alone... (Archived)jubjub_28610/13/2011
Activision hate is dumb. Activision has done nothing wrong. (Archived)
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Anybody plan on getting PayDay: The Heist on PSN on Tuesday? (Archived)
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Thinking about buying Arkham City Used or playing Offline? Guess again. (Archived)
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Why do gamers continue to fight for developers despite the HUGE fact (Archived)
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Looking Back : Was the Square-Enix merger a good or bad thing? (Archived)
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Qriocity Question (Archived)wolf2359210/13/2011
With all these new amazing games coming out, I'm looking to upgrade my TV.... (Archived)ateball610/13/2011
I think i have a new playstation? (Archived)Patriarch105710/13/2011
Playstation Store Question (Archived)hobbes310/13/2011
Need serious help, my headset is broke :( (Archived)Eagles931410/13/2011
Need help (Archived)FFKelam110/13/2011
tomb raider trilogy ps3 or pc? (Archived)oibur810/13/2011
Pre ordering at bestbuy? (Archived)Merc009210/13/2011
Is Dark Souls online as bad as the rumors suggest? (Archived)OldSnakeLiveon8910/13/2011
The PS3 needs a high-top fade (Archived)
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Annoucements you want to happen (Archived)
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How much of an improvement are the HD collections? (Archived)
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Anyone else hoping that Dark Cloud 3 will be announced at Level 5 World Event ? (Archived)DoctorRPG510/13/2011
So did the PSN downtime cause Capcom to drop their crap DRM? (Archived)knightoffire55310/13/2011