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What time does PSN update tomorrow? (Archived)
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The dual shock 4 will be multi touch, i think its prettymuch a fact (Archived)xCha0s58/22/2011
Yakuza 4 almost makes me not want to get Dues ex on tuesday (Archived)
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Games advertised as having trophies that don't actually have them (Archived)LikeTheSalt88/22/2011
Which PS3 character has the best boobs? (Archived)
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ocd or what..? (Archived)piazzapimper31368/22/2011
Who here has played every COD this gen? (Archived)
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I gotta admit, 2011 is shaping up to be a pretty good year after all... (Archived)Q_Sensei88/22/2011
Enchanted arms is just bad.. (Archived)
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Anybody know what's going on with my controller? (Archived)xXBlackShadowXx78/22/2011
Does playing Call of Duty on PS3 (or 360) make you a weapons expert? (Archived)
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Is the InFamous 2 bundle going to be at Best Buy??? (Archived)deeznutsmt68/22/2011
Want a challenge? Play AC:B All the way, then go back to AC:II (Archived)Jahkeemyork48/22/2011
i am not happy with the ps3 lack of quality exclusives (Archived)Twilight_Gavin88/22/2011
What makes you care about a game-world? (Archived)HorizontalZeus38/22/2011
So where is the hype for Madden? (Archived)
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Which game should i trade in from these..... (Archived)
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Rage for the PS3 new trailer there looks pretty sweet... (Archived)thedevilsminion48/22/2011
Dragon Age: Origins or Dragon Age II, which is better? (Archived)
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Just purchased Demon Souls for the PS3 (Archived)thedevilsminion58/22/2011