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Bulletstorm, sigh. (Archived)
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New 2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generations trailer (Archived)Devilman_Amon29/14/2011
Games with great gameplay (Archived)velvet_hammer89/14/2011
Rock band No trigger. (Archived)ssjgoten3xz19/14/2011
Ni no Kuni gameplay demonstration (Archived)
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Anyone Interested In This Game.. (Archived)EpicKingdom_39/14/2011
Playing Dragon Age 2. Awesome game. The complaints are stupid. (Archived)
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Blue and Red PS3's (Archived)chronic illusionz49/14/2011
Gamefly 20$ Blowout Sale (Archived)Ocelot444429/14/2011
How is Alice: Madness Returns? (Archived)FullMetalPanic59/14/2011
Not too many Horror Themed titles this year.... (Archived)
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Surround sound question (Archived)Isaac198729/14/2011
so is their a website... (Archived)rebelofrebels79/14/2011
Asura's Wrath - TGS 2011 trailer (Archived)Rob_the_Ninja69/14/2011
Apparently, there's a special MGS stage show going on right now (Archived)Adam Archuleta 31z29/14/2011
wooo finally got off that dead island..... (Archived)
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I wonder if FFX Hd will make it to the top 10 on Gamefaqs... (Archived)
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New Red and Blue PS3 question (Archived)
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Ninja Gaiden III having QTEs is blown way out of proportion. Calm down people (Archived)Soliquidus109/14/2011
Psyconauts Upgrade? (Archived)Stevo135039/14/2011